terça-feira, 31 de julho de 2007

Africa do Sul - Kruger Park - Um Dia Perto do Olifants Camp

Há dias, no Kruger, em que a diversidade de animais que avistamos dispensa palavras. Ficam as imagens para recordar, tiradas em plena savana.
Blacbacked Jackal
Lesser Masked Weaver (Female)
Pied Kingfisher - 28cm
Kori Bustard - 135cm
Fotogrs: CRV

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Olga disse...

TI, this pictures are so beautiful! I can't get more amazed at how lucky you were to be able to see all these animals with your own eyes. We are putting South Africa on our list for 2010 or 11 and you are the one who keeps inspiring us to go there. I love the giraffe from the first one :) He is smiling at me and is teasing us with those huge eyes and beautiful long lashes. What is the animal coming after the elephant? Is this a wild dog? Cheers! Olga

Viagens pelo Mundo disse...

This trip to South Africa is really beautiful and actually you have here a complete guide for it. I know you two, also like to travel by your own, so after arriving to Johannesburg you rent a car, drive 400Km and TARAMMM you are in Kruger. It’s not difficult and all the reservations in the camps can be done through those camp sites which I linked on my posts. And, of course, I’ll be more than happy to help you with all the information you need. The best year for you to go will be 2011. On 2010 the World Football Championship will be in South Africa. I read that they are only accepting reservations for Kruger camps until the end of July 2009. I also guess it will be a complete confusion in 2010 and super crowded with all that people coming from all over the world because of the football.It’s funny because we have already talked about going there, for a week, in 2011. Miguel has been seeing the blog pictures and talks about going there again. Maybe we'll go for a week in 2011. Maybe I'll see my hyena there!:)
Love TI

p.s. That one is a Blackjacked jackal. You can see wild dogs pictures on my post from 20th July, about the Moholoholo Wildlife Reabilitation Center. Cheers!

Viagens pelo Mundo disse...

Caro António,

Obrigada por deixar o seu comentário, pelas palavras de estímulo, que dão sempre alento a continuarmos e, igualmente, por se manter um fiel seguidor do blog. Irei agora de férias mas regressarei em Agosto para continuar com as Viagens pelo Mundo.
Um grande abraço

Viagens pelo Mundo disse...

Hi Tapestry,
Thanks so much for your nice comments. You are more than welcome to visit us whenever you like. Actually I've been following your blog and your picture are amazingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing them also. Cheers! TI