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Kruger Park - A caminho do "Skukuza Camp" (1)

Africa do Sul
Logo pela manhã, à saída de Pretoriuskop, sou confrontada com um abutre em contra luz, nesta árvore seca, sem vida, palco habitual para estes bonitos necrófagos. Contudo, não posso deixar de recordar, sempre que fotografo abutres, uma das histórias que mais me comoveu em toda a minha vida. Kevin Carter, 33 anos, fotógrafo sul-africano, ganhou o Prémio Pulitzer com uma fotografia que ficaria imortalizada na capa da New York Times. O desfecho deste episódio foi trágico. Carter suicidou-se inconformado com a dicotomia que o dilacerou: ética versus protagonismo pessoal, tendo subjacente uma realidade traumática, chocante e menos feliz. Cumpre-nos questionar se os fins justificam sempre os meios. Na minha opinião? É óbvio que não, mas entendo que esta afirmação resultará já de um juízo de valor que a minha provecta idade me ensinou, com o tempo e a vida, a saber justamente dosear. Nota: Para os curiosos fica aqui um artigo interessante sobre o tema. Fotogr: CRV

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Olga disse...

Hi TI, your post is very eyes-opening! At least for me, because I have never seen that picture before...And the first thing, which came to my mind how could someone actually take such a photo, not helping the child first...I guess this is what you call professional devotion or something. Still, people's mercy and sympathy should probably come first - this is a really heart breaking scene...
Thank you for your support with your comments - it means a lot. Ralph and Vince got allergic to something (most probably because of the new carpet) and are scratching a lot recently - Ralph (the big one) has some wounds because of that - he scratches too much and is even bleeding a little at times, I try to hold him on my lap - then he doesn't scratch, but I can't do it all the time :( Vince is better... The vet gave them some antibiotics and they got 2 shots each plus an ointment for Ralph, so we are trying to treat them, hopefully they'll be fine, but they are such small animals, so it is really a pity to see them ill.. I hope you are doing fine, I figured you were busy lately! Cheers to all, take care of yourself and don't get too tired!

Viagens pelo Mundo disse...

Hi Olga,
I’m so sorry for your two little friends, they look so sweet in the pictures. I really hope everything will come out all right and I’m sure that you will tender them on your lap as much as you can, I know that!
In fact, this is a heart breaking scene. This tragic photo became famous at the time. It was an important call for the hunger and the drought in Africa that threatened millions of human lives. But this photo becomes even more tragic when we read about the all story around it. I believe I would never be a good photographer because I’ d instinctively jump to help in every way I could this little child. I‘d do it even for an animal so, unquestionably, for a human being. In all this scenario what puzzled me the most was that after shooting the picture, he left the child there and he went to smoke a cigarette. I can even understand that Carter could want, as a photographer, to take this shot, considering that it could work as a political instrument to accelerate some solutions for Africa, but leave the child there was unbelievable and somehow reflected a heart of stone!
Once again Olga, thanks so much for showing up. It's always my pleasure having you here. A hug, TI